Tourist destination

The old town is joined to the more modern part of Ronda by the “Puente Nuevo” new bridge which is overlooked by the Ronda Parador. Ronda comprises beautiful scenic views with a touch of traditional white “pueblo” Spanish charm.

Ronda has approx 35.000 inhabitants but is even so one of the most visited towns in Andalucia. Ronda earned its fame as the birthplace of modern bullfighting, where the Matador would face the bull on foot as supposed to the Jerez traditional bullfighting on horseback. Ronda boasts dramatic escarpments together with breathtaking views. It is well know for its river gorge called “El Tajo” which carries the Guadalevin River through its center.


Ronda is located roughly 102 km from the Malaga Airport. However, the road from Malaga to Ronda is rather tiny and winding. Far easier is the direct road from Marbella to Ronda stretching 60 km up the mountain reaching an altitude of 739 meters above sea level.

Historic heritage

Ronda has managed to retain its historic charm and has a lovely old town with many beautiful squares with stunning views.

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